If you’re looking for a pawnshop that gives value to your gold items, then come to Surrey Gold. They are affiliated with the network of Canada Gold Buyers and are also accredited by BBB so you can be sure that you are only doing business with a legitimate and licensed Surrey Gold dealer.

Surrey Gold understands that people who need to part with their jewelry or other valuables have grown an attachment to the same. It is because of this reason that Surrey Gold offers the best prices for your jewelry and other gold valuables.

Get Your Gold’s Worth

What sets Surrey Gold apart from their competitors is the fact that they the best price for your gold and they don’t have hidden charges. Their valuation and payment process is pretty simple. You go to their store where their family staff welcomes you. After that, your gold item will automatically be sorted by karat. After sorting, they will check the purity of the sorted item. After testing, it will then be brought it for weighing. Once weighed, you will now be offered a no commitment quote. It’s up to you whether you will accept it or not. If you agree to the quoted price, they will then pay you on the spot. That’s how easy doing business with Surrey Gold dealer is. Also, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t set an appointment with them beforehand. They welcome walk-in clients so you can drop by anytime.

So, what do they pay you? Surrey Gold takes their promise to their customers very seriously, so you are guaranteed the best price for your gold item. For gold, they will pay you 99% of its spot price. Unlike other gold dealers, 99% spot price is the best price you can ever come up with in selling gold items. Also, as said earlier, they don’t have hidden charges, unlike other gold dealers who trick you into believing that you got the best deal when in fact, the item should be priced higher.

Also, they won’t pressure you into accepting their price offer. You are free to decide whether or not the price they set is acceptable. If after having the item checked and quoted you want to canvass other gold buyers, you are free to do so. It’s yours, so you have full right on how you want to dispose of it.

Surrey Gold is the Place to be

The dealers at Surrey Gold also regularly check the market price of gold and gold items so that they can appraise items better and more accurately. An appraisal is a fundamental process because this will determine how much will you get out of the item; hence, it is equally important that the appraiser is well-versed and knowledgeable in the prevailing price of gold in the market.

Here at Surrey Gold, people value your personal properties, and they also understand its sentimental value to the owner. This is the primordial reason why they offer 120% best price guarantee to compensate the owner of the loss and also to help at the time of need.

Call them today at 04-582-4653 or through their toll-free number at 1-888-219-7001.